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If you think about it, we've all grown old together. In 2014 we will have been using DomestiCall services for 25 years. You have no idea how much this means to us, and how much we love Jessie, personally and professionally. If ever you need any testimonials or references, please do not hesitate to call on us. Many thanks, Hildy. Here's to another 25 years!!

“I was more than happy! I was delighted! Gabriella worked so hard and steadily and accomplished so much in the time she was here. She arrived at 10:00 and left at 4:00. The house just sparkled! I called her attention to the time when she had been here four hours, but her yesterday's afternoon appointment was changed to today and she just continued working. I told her that the house looked so nice that I really should arrange to have a party! She agreed, and I think she was proud and pleased with her work. Thanks for selecting Gabriella for us.

“I just have to give a special thanks for this week's cleaning. When I arrived home on Wednesday, I was greeted by a clean swept front door. All of the usual fallen leaves, sticks, and dirt were swept cleanly away from the front door. Inside, I found the usual wonderful clean home that we have come to expect and always appreciate from our Domesticall team. That extra special effort of cleaning our front entrance is one more reason we love and appreciate the excellent service your team provides. Domesticall day is our favorite day of the week! Thanks to you and your wonderful team.

First, let me say - whoever cleaned the house/folded the clothes is AWESOME!!! I actually teared up a bit because I was so happy.

“I had been meaning to email you anyway that Daisy and Gab have done a terrific job (in fact they were just here today). Their cleaning is excellent, and they have been especially helpful and considerate since my daughter was born. I would recommend them highly.”

“Please let her know that your company has been my cleaners for - what - 15 years? - and I have never been less than delighted. I never worry about every other Wednesday. The cat will be kept in, the house will be clean, and I will have another two weeks when I can handle things.”

“The girls always do a terrific job, but they really outdid themselves this past Tuesday and I just thought I should let them know that I noticed. I wouldn't have dreamed of asking them to deal with the chaos of our mudroom or my partially unpacked suitcases that were littering the floor of our bedroom, but they did, and in a way that made perfect sense. Please pass on my thanks!”

“I love the crew of women that come to our house every other TH. They are thorough, kind, and dependable. Last Thursday a lovely young woman from this same crew came by herself and worked tirelessly for hours and she did an amazing job. And, she took the time to carefully arrange the boys' stuffed animals on their beds. My son said "Mommy, she does that the best. I love how she arranges our stuffed animals." I agree completely. What a nice touch, especially by a woman who was working by herself."

"I was amazed to see her in the middle of the blizzard! I was actually worried about her, but she seemed utterly unfazed by it. Having had both children home all week, we really needed her. She's so reliable and kind to my kids - we feel quite fortunate to have her regularly.”

“It was good to receive your holiday letter outlining the three very worthy charities that Domesticall has donated to in 2009. It is a wonderful, and touching, tradition that you have each holiday season. Thank you for giving back to the community on behalf of the Domesticall staff and clients.”

“Just wanted to drop a note to say what a wonderful job your team did for us yesterday-- truly outstanding service. We know it came at the end of a very long day and really appreciated all the attention to detail they gave us. I thanked them personally, but wanted to relay to you too how much we appreciated the terrific work.

“Elena was great today, thanks for arranging the substitute cleaning. She did a terrific job.

The girls did a great job---good team. I will take them anytime!”

“Thanks again for sending Julio. He did an outstanding job.

Your professionalism shows in all that you do. Boris was wonderful. He takes pride and care in all that he does. I'm very pleased. It turned out that I was able to be here on his first day, so I was able to orient Boris to my house and show him where things were. We got along very well. I'd be honored if he could continue to clean my house.”

The ladies did a particularly excellent job last Friday! Please tell them thank you.”

“I wanted to let you know that I was very pleased by the work that was done to my apartment today. Anna did a very good job, and both Tammy and Anna were very nice. Thank you very much and I will be calling you again in the near future. Best”

“Wanted to let you know that we came home to a sparkling clean house yesterday. Thanks to Julio and Julianna for the special request on the floors. They did a very nice job.”

Again, much thanks for the service. I'm leaving a positive review in the MONA (Moms of North Arlington) database. Best”

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